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Premier Lig'de Rekor Yayın İhalesi, Bilet Fiyatlarını Düşürdü


Futbolekonomi- 17 Kasım 2016 BBC Futbolun Fiyatı Raporu 17 Kasım 2016’da yayınlandı. Rapora göre genel olarak maç bilet fiyatları 2013 Maç Biletleri fiyatlarının altına düştü.

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Price of Football 2016: What do results mean for fans, clubs & the sport?


BBC- 17 November 2016 The BBC's Price of Football 2016 study has shown the cost of attending a Premier League match has fallen in the first season of a record £8bn global TV rights deal.

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Futbolun Ekonomik Haritası EkoLig

1309783 620x410

14 Ekim 2016Aktif Bank; Türkiye'de futbola en kapsamlı desteği sunan kurum olarak, elindeki bilgi birikimi ile futbol dünyası için kalıcı bir finansal kaynak oluşturmak amacıyla, Türkiye'nin ilk periyodik futbol ekonomisi raporu EkoLig'i hazırladı.

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What can be done about rogue owners?

3d8738c2-32a8-11e6-b997-a8e2995ff455 1280x720

8 September 2016 -The problem of rogue owners at clubs like Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Charlton Athletic and Leeds United persists.   There is no easy solution, although some ideas have been put forward and are discussed below.

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Premier League finances: the full club-by-club breakdown and verdict


David Conn-The Guardian 26 May 2016 Financial figures for the 2014-15 financial year, for the 20 clubs in the Premier League during the 2014-15 season.

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Leicester City’s success suggests globalisation is strengthening, not killing, English football


The Economist- 4 May 2016- When, two years ago, the bones of Richard III, a crippled Medieval monarch, were dug up from a car park in Leicester on the basis of the sketchiest of archaeological hunches, the locals rejoiced.

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Aktifbank'tan Futbol Kulüplerine 1.2 Milyar TL Kredi

aktifbanktan kuluplere hem kredi hem futbolcu   super lig haberleriAd

Jülide Yiğittürk Gürdamar-Dünya Gazetesi- 29 Nisan 2016 Dünya Gazetesi Borsa -Finans servisinden yapılan bir röportaja konuşan Aktifbank Genel Müdürü Dr.Serdar Sümer, son 1.5 yılda, 10 tanesi Anadolu takımı olmak üzere 13 takıma 1.2 milyar TL kredi verdiklerini söyledi.

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Süper Lig büyüklüğüyle Avrupa’da zirveye koşuyor!


Güngör Uras- 9 Nisan 2016- doğrudan ve dolaylı yarattığı gelirlerle 6 milyar euro'ya ulaşan büyüklüğüyle Süper Lig Avrupa'nın önemli liglerinden birisi...

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Man Utd set to be football's biggest earners in next year - Deloitte

 87820817 manucrowd2 getty

21 January 2016- Manchester United are expected to become world football's biggest earners in the next 12 months.

Spanish giants Real Madrid have topped Deloitte's Football Money League for the 11th consecutive year, generating 577m euro (£439m) in 2014-15.

Champions League winners Barcelona are second with 560.8m euro (£426.6m), with United third on 519.5m euro (£395.2m).

But Deloitte said there was a "strong possibility" United would overtake the La Liga sides in next year's edition.

What is the Deloitte Football Money League?

The professional services firm's sports business group produce an annual table of the clubs with the highest revenues.

The combined revenue for the top 20 clubs in the table rose by 8% from last year to 6.6bn euro, a new record.

Manchester United slipped from second to third in the table following a year-on-year drop in revenue, but Deloitte said the Premier League club's "strong commercial growth" and "ability to agree impressive new sponsorship deals" such as the £75m-a-year Adidas kit agreement, compensated for a lack of European football last season.

United's position "emphasised the strength of their business model", added Deloitte and with the new £5.1bn television rights deal starting from 2016-17 season, Real Madrid would come "under increasing pressure" next season and in future years.

The wealth of the Premier League - mainly due to strong broadcasting deals - means 17 Premier League clubs feature in the top 30, with West Ham making the top 20 for the first time since 2005-06, with revenues of 160.9m euro (£122.4m).


Deloitte's Football Money League - 2014/15 revenue

Position (last year's position)


2014/15 Revenue (euro m) (2013/14 Revenue)

2014/15 Revenue (£m) (2013/14 Revenue)


1 (1)

Real Madrid

577 (549.5)

439 (459.5)

2 (4)

FC Barcelona

560.8 (484.8)

426.6 (405.4)

3 (2)

Manchester United

519.5 (518)

395.2 (433.2)

4 (5)

Paris Saint-Germain

480.8 (471.3)

365.8 (394.1)

5 (3)

Bayern Munich

474 (487.5)

360.6 (407.7)

6 (6)

Manchester City

463.5 (416.5)

352.6 (348.3)

7 (8)


435.5 (359.3)

331.3 (300.5)

8 (7)


420 (387.9)

319.5 (324.4)

9 (9)


391.8 (305.9)

298.1 (255.8)

10 (10)


323.9 (279)

246.4 (233.3)

11 (11)

Borussia Dortmund

280.6 (261.5)

213.5 (218.7)

12 (13)

Tottenham Hotspur

257.5 (215.5)

195.9 (180.2)

13 (14)

Schalke 04

219.7 (214)

167.1 (179)

14 (12)

AC Milan

199.1 (249.7)

151.5 (208.8)

15 (15)

Atletico de Madrid

187.1 (169.9)

142.3 (142.1)

16 (New)

AS Roma

180.4 (127.4)

137.2 (106.5)

17 (19)

Newcastle United

169.3 (155.1)

128.8 (129.7)

18 (20)


165.1 (144.1)

125.6 (120.5)

19 (17)


164.8 (162.8)

125.4 (136.1)

20 (New)

West Ham United

160.9 (139.3)

122.4 (116.5)


Will the bubble burst?

Manchester United topped the first Deloitte Football Money League in 1998, with an overall revenue of £87.9m.

The report's author, Deloitte partner Dan Jones, was part of the team that compiled that table 18 years ago, and recalls being asked then whether football's financial model was sustainable.

"I still think this is a growth market," he said.

"If anything, there will be a small acceleration of growth in the next few years. It might level off a little bit, but that is what it will be rather than any sort of decline."

The usual suspects

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Munich have been a constant presence in the top five since 2008, while runaway French league leaders Paris St-Germain have been in the top five for the past three years.

Bayern slipped two places to fourth this year, while the Premier League's bigger clubs pack the next level.

Manchester City remain in sixth place, while Arsenal moved above Chelsea into seventh and Liverpool sit ninth.

Champions League runners-up and Serie A winners Juventus complete the top 10.

AC Milan were regulars in the top five in the early years of the report, taking third position in three successive years from 2003 to 2005.

However, the Italian club dropped out of the top 10 two years ago and slipped two further places to 14th this year.

Manchester United must start winning eventually


 87819705 manutdpltrophy getty

Manchester United's slip to third is a direct consequence of their failure to qualify for last year's Champions League, but Deloitte says they could return to the top next year even though they were eliminated from this season's competition at the group phase.

Their position in the list comes largely as a result of a commercial operation that continues to generate record sums.

However, United have not won a trophy since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement in 2013 - and Jones expects the Old Trafford club to slip down the money table in future years if their barren run continues.

"You can be successful off the pitch even if you aren't successful on it for a time," said Jones.

"The reason why Manchester United is able to be so commercially successful is because they had an incredible 20-year run of on-field success.

"I am not surprised to see Manchester United up there and challenging to reclaim that number one spot they lost 11 years ago. But I don't think that is a long-term sustainable position if they don't get more things going for them on the pitch."

The newcomers

 87819523 westhamolympicstadium getty

Premier League club West Ham and Serie A side Roma are this year's new entries.


West Ham will play their home matches in the 54,000 seater Olympic Stadium in Stratford from next season



The Hammers, who were in the Championship in 2012 and have not won a major trophy since their 1980 FA Cup success, generated £160.9m last year with revenues expected to improve further when they move into the Olympic Stadium for the 2016-17 season.

This was only £3.9m less than Inter Milan, who won the last of their three European Cups under the guidance of ex-Chelsea and Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho in 2010.

Roma have spent more years in the top 20 than outside it over the past decade, and are pushing towards the top end of Serie A again thanks to the input of an American investment group led by Thomas DiBenedetto.


Premier League dominance

 87819700 deloitte

Nine of the top 20 clubs in Deloitte's list are from the Premier League.


However, the real strength of England's top flight is shown outside the top 20 - where eight of the next 10 teams are English, sandwiched in between Turkish club Galatasaray (21st) and current Serie A leaders Napoli (30th).

From the 2014-15 season, the only Premier League teams missing from the list are Burnley, Hull and QPR, who were all relegated.


This dominance was assisted by the strength of the pound against the euro, which made buying players from the continent cheaper in relative terms.


With an enhanced TV deal too, it explains how Stoke were able to spend £12m on former Bayern Munich player Xherdan Shaqiri from Inter Milan in August, and how newly promoted Bournemouth could sign Juan Iturbe earlier this month on loan from Roma for the rest of the season.


"It shows how English clubs can compete for talent with the continental clubs," said Jones.


Elsewhere in Europe

 87820066 sansiro

The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is owned by Milan's city council and shared by tenants AC Milan and Internazionale

With the Milan clubs slipping and French teams - other than PSG - disappearing from the top 30 altogether, the hierarchy of European football is changing.

Deloitte says Italian sides have a specific revenue-generating problem, because their stadiums are not suitable for the kind of corporate facilities that generate huge sums.

And with TV deals elsewhere dwarfed by the £5.14bn three-year contract that takes effect in the Premier League from 2016-17, Jones thinks the English threat will grow.

"We expect Real Madrid and Barcelona will remain in the top three, even when the new TV deal is in effect and that PSG and Bayern will be competing hard for a place in the top five, along with the Champions League-qualifying English clubs," he said.

"It is when you get a little bit further down the pecking order that you find clubs that are quite big in their home market - Juventus, Dortmund, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid - are going to compete with English clubs in the Europa League for a place in the top 20.

"When you get to 21-30, the remainder of the Premier League is way ahead of its competitors elsewhere."{jcomments on}

Soccer is the World's Game

 world soccer ball

Prof.Dr.Stefan Szymansky- 25 September 2015 European soccer’s success can be credited, in part, to the liberalization of the players’ market. But what will the future bring?

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Bu bağlamda temel misyonumuz: Futbolun yerel ve küresel makro özelliklerini incelemek ve yeni yapısal modeller önermek; bu kapsamda entelektüel gelişimi hızlandırmak ve buna ilişkin referans olabilecek bir database oluşturmak ve bunu tüm futbol araştırmacılarının emrine sunmak... Bu amaçla yapılan çalışmaları yayımlamak; gerekli her türlü bilimsel futbol araştırma ve geliştirme projelerine entelektüel anlamda destek vermek.


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Tuğrul Akşar Güngör Urasın sorularını yanıtlıyor

  Yazar Tuğrul Akşar,
Milliyet Gazetesi Yazarı Güngör Uras'ın
sorularını yanıtlıyor.
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 38  16  11  11  54  47  7 59 
8 Karagümrük  38   16  9  13  47  52  -5 57 
9 Adanaspor 38  15  10  13  60  47  13 55 
10 Sivasspor  38    14   12   12  52  50  2 54
11 Kasımpaşa  38  15  8  15


 57  10 53
12 Hatayspor  38  15  8  15  56  60   -4   53 
13 Galatasaray  38  14  10  14  51  53   -2 52
14 Kayserispor  38   12  11  15  54  61   -7    47 
15 Gaziantep  38  12  10  16  48  56  -8 46
16 Giresunspor   38   12   9  17  41  47 -6 45
17 Rizespor 38  10  6  22  44  71  -27   36 
18 Altay  38   9  7  22  39  57  -18 34
19 Göztepe 38  7  7  24  40  77  -37   28 
20 Yeni Malatya  38   5  5   28   27  71 -44 20

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2021 Deluitte Raporu





Cocid-19 sürecinde 2021'e girerken Avrupa'da ve Türkiye'de Futbol Ekonomisi'nde yaşanılan değişim ve olumsuz gelişmeleri okumak için tıklayınız.





Yirmidördüncü Deloitte Money League raporuna göre Barcelona'nın 715.1 Milyon Euro'luk geliriyle ilk sırada yer aldığı, tamamı merkez lig kulüplerinden oluşan ve bir önceki yıla göre gelirleri %12 azalan Para Ligi raporunu okumak için tıklayınız


191112 Aktifbank Ekolig


Türk futbolunun gelirlerinin ve ekonomik görünümünün mercek altına alındığı Futbol Ekonomi Raporu – EkoLig'in dördüncü sayısı yayınlandı. Süper Lig’in 2017-2018 sezonu sonunda 3,2 milyar TL olan geliri, 2018-19 sezonunda 4,2 milyar TL’na ulaştı. Bkz.



master bm report lowres


The European Club Footballing Landscape 2022

UEFA'nın Avrupa Lulüp futboluna ilişkin 13, kez yayınladığı, Covid-19'un etkilerinin de analiz edildiği raporu okumak için Bkz.


 Eko spor 1

“Ekospor’un aylık bültenlerinden haberdar olmak için tıklayınız”


Süper lig Marka değeri araştırma

''Taraftar Algısına Göre Türkiye Süper Ligi Marka Değerini Etkileyen Faktörlerin ve Marka Değeri Boyutlarının Değerlendirilmesi'' Prof. Dr. Musa PINAR öncülüğünde yapılan bu araştırmayı okumak için tıklayınız.




KPMG Avrupa’nın 32 Elit Kulübünün değerlemesini yaptı. Süper Lig’den Galatasaray ve Beşiktaş’ın da bulunduğu bu raporda en değerli kulüp 3.2 Milyar Euroluk değeriyle Real Madrid oldu. Raporu okumak için tıklayınız.



Futbolda Endüstriyel Denge ve Başarı Üzerine

Futbolun Endüstriyel gelişimi, kulüplerin sportif ve iktisadi/mali yapılanışını derinden etkiliyor. Dorukhan Acar’ın Kurumsal Yönetim temelli yaklaşımı ile "Futbolda Endüstriyel Denge ve Başarı"yı okumak için tıklayınız



Türkiye'de Kadın Futbolunun Gelişimi ve Günümüzdeki Durumu




Dr. Lale ORTA’nın Kadın Futboluna Entelektüel Bir Yaklaşım Sergilediği makalesi için tıklayınız.” 



İngiliz Futbolunda Kurumsal Yönetişim Üzerine




Tüm kulüplerimize ve Türk Futbol yapılanmasına farklı bir bakış açısı kazandırabileceğini düşündüğümüz, İngiliz Parlementosu’nun Kültür, medya ve spor Komitesi’nin hazırladığı raporu okumak için tıklayınız. 



“Money scorring goals”, Gerçekten de “Para Gol Kaydedebiliyor mu? “

Euro 2012’nin olası ekonomik etkilerini
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Futbolda Finansal Sürdürülebilirlik Kapsamında ''Finansal Fair Play Başa Baş Kuralı ve Beşiktaş Futbol Kulübü Üzerinde Bir Uygulama 
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