6 Kasım 2019- Futbolda oyunculara ödenecek ücretten kesilen Stopaj oranı %20'ye çıkartılırken, 500 Bin TL'nın üzerinde gelir elde eden oyuncular ve teknik adamlar ise yıllık beyanname ile %40 vergi ödeyecekler. 25 Eylül 2019- Beşiktaş Başkanı Fikret Orman istifa etti. Orman: " Beşiktaş'ta kan değişimine ihtiyaç var. Beşiktaş'taki sürecimi tamamlıyorum." Futbolekonomi- 30 Ağustos 2019 UEFA Şampiyonlar Ligi 2019-2020 sezonunun kura çekimi Monako'da yapıldı. Galatasaray, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid ve Club Brugge'un olduğu A grubunda mücadele edecek. 5 Ağustos 2019- Beinsports ile süren yayın krizi, Kulüplerin 500 Milyon TL eksik ödemeyi kabul etmesiyle, uzlaşmayla sonuçlandı. 12 Temmuz 2019- 2019 FIFA Kadınlar Dünya Kupası'nda Hollanda'yı 2-0 mağlup eden ABD Kadın Milli Takımı, dördüncü kez dünyanın en büyüğü olmayı başardı. 3 Temmuz 2019- Fikret Orman: Türkiye’de Finansal Bir Kriz Var. Kulüplerin giderleri büyük oranda dövizle.  Kulüplerin Daralması Lazım! 12 Haziran 2019- A Milli Takımımız Euro 2020 grup maçında İzlanda deplasmanında rakibine 2-1 yenildi. 3 Haziran 2019- UEFA Şampiyonlar Ligi  2018-19 sezonu finalinde Tottenham’ı 2-0 yenen Liverpool şampiyon oldu. Liverpool bu şampiyonlukla, Şampiyon Kulüpler Kupası ve Şampiyonlar Ligi olmak üzere 6 kez mutlu sona ulaştı. 3 Haziran 2019- Ankara’da yapılan Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu Olağan Seçimli Genel Kurul Toplantısında, Nihat Özdemir, 174 oy alarak TFF başkanlığına seçildi. 31 Mayıs 2019- UEFA Avrupa Ligi finalinde Arsenal'i 4-1 yenen Chelsea 2018-2019 sezonunun şampiyonu oldu.
Buradasınız >> Ana Sayfa Haberler & Makaleler Genel Diğer Yazarlar Fan happiness index: Which Premier League club has given its supporters reason to cheer, or be sad?

Fan happiness index: Which Premier League club has given its supporters reason to cheer, or be sad?
  1. Telegraph Sport ranks each club on a happiness rating with reasons to worry and reasons to feel positive. 

Teams are ranked on league position compared to last, current form, number of wins against defeats and how their summer recruitment has panned out. -10 is 'very unhappy', 0 is 'could go either way' and +10 is 'very happy'.

20. Sunderland (-10)

Oh, Sunderland. Even on the trajectory of seasons gone by this is a pretty sad beginning with no wins in nine games and only six goals scored. You probably don't need reminding of that, sorry.

Reasons for unhappiness: The Black Cats are second bottom of the form table, bottom of the actual table, looking for a first win, projected to finish with around 10 points in May. Yeah, there are plenty.

Reasons for optimism: Sunderland have not quite been *here* before, but not far off. Swansea, Middlesbrough and Hull are within five points, too, which suggests the bottom three isn't definitely set yet.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

19. Man Utd (-7.5)

Special One Jose Mourinho was hired to bring the good times back to Old Trafford and while he may yet still do that in the months and years to come, there are a number of worrying signs appearing only nine games into the new league season. Seventh place isn't a disaster so early on, but surely hopes of a title charge look to be slimming week to week with newspaper reports of players surprised by his "remoteness", the form of Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mourinho's own behaviour at the end of Sunday's heavy defeat at Chelsea. This is a club that got hooked on success during the Sir Alex Ferguson era, but battling for top-four spot and the Europa League after big investment over the summer isn't quite enough.

And even Mourinho himself admits he's unhappy.

Reasons for unhappiness: A heavy defeat at Chelsea, seventh in the table, worrying form from Rooney, Pogba and Ibrahimovic among others. Eric Bailly's injury. Mourinho's deflection techniques. The thought of more Europa League football next season. The thought of Man City winning the title again. All of this after what looked to have been a very impressive summer in the transfer market.

Reasons for optimism: Jose Mourinho's CV is littered with trophies, while the likes of Paul Pogba will come good. Man Utd are still only six points off top, too. Maybe too early to panic.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

 18. Swansea (-7)

Twelfth in the league last season was impressive but the start to this campaign less so. Bob Bradley's in, but it'll take a few weeks of improved performances and results to bring about more happiness.

Reasons for unhappiness: Position in the league (19th), position in the form table (17th) and the need to change manager. Chances not being taken.

Reasons for optimism: Recent defeats have come against very good sides, including Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal. League position doesn't tell the whole story.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

17. West Ham (-7)

It's been a very difficult start to the season, not solely the fault of the club, players or fans. Moving from Upton Park, a necessity for the long term, was always going to be tricky and results on the pitch are almost certainly taking a hit because of it. But that doesn't make it much easier to digest. Here was a team pushing into the Premier League's top 10 last season and barely a few months later there are question marks over Slaven Bilic's future. It's not quite gone to plan.

Reasons for unhappiness: A struggle for goals, a struggle for results. Struggles in the stands with a minority of fans scuffling. Just having to get used to a new stadium is reason enough to feel slightly unhappy.

Reasons for optimism: Two wins on the bounce, including one at the London Stadium (hooray!), make things a little brighter. Perhaps Bilic's side have turned a corner.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood: 

16. Stoke (-7)

After a mid-table finish last campaign, this season hasn't started quite as well and there have been a few questions around Mark Hughes' future. However, things do look to be on the up with form picking up (thank you Joe Allen) and perhaps the happiness will gradually return over the next few weeks. Swansea, West Ham, Bournemouth and Burnley are among those who await.

Reasons for unhappiness: Only nine points from nine games is borderline relegation form.

Reasons for optimism: Unbeaten in four and Joe Allen. Joseph Michael Allen.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

15. Hull (-3)

It started oh so well for Hull and Mike Phelan. Two wins from two, top of the league and three points against the champions. Phelan was a demi-god without a permanent contract and then...

The Tigers are shipping goals left, right and centre, but few would have thought this season would be anything other than difficult. Talk of a takeover may also bring a little more cheer.

Reasons for unhappiness: Four straight home defeats, goals conceded everywhere. Another relegation battle looming.

Reasons for optimism: Played a lot of the 'bigger' clubs and a takeover edging closer.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

14. Middlesbrough (0)

It had all started to well, with four points from the first two games (the win against Sunderland) and since then it's largely been a little worrying. Why 19th? Fourth bottom of the table, third bottom of the form table, one win - and all of that after a very impressive transfer window (third in our rankings in September). The momentum of 10 games unbeaten at the end of last season also disappeared very quickly.

Reasons for unhappiness: Only one win so far, and only seven goals to boot. No home wins.

Reasons for optimism: That performance at Arsenal last Saturday was very impressive. Supporters feel very on side.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

13. Crystal Palace (+1)

Considering a difficult second half of last season and a somewhat disappointing transfer window, there have been a few things to cheer at Selhurst Park. Alan Pardew's changing the way the team play and it's beginning to deliver results. Liverpool and Man City over the next few weeks will show how far the team are coming. 

Reasons for unhappiness: Still a grim record in 2016 for Palace, 15 consecutive away games without a clean sheet and difficult games ahead. 

Reasons for optimism: Encouraging start to the season, Christian Benteke fitting in well.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

12. West Brom (+1.5)

Another season of Tony Pulis' trademarked style of football looks set to bring about another mid-lower table finish. A happiness score of 1.5 suggests things could swing either way this season, especially on the subject of whether fans can put up with said brand of football. But considering a poor transfer window, things haven't started off too badly on the pitch.

Reasons for unhappiness: Another season of Tony Pulis football, no sign of progress.

Reasons for optimism: Nacer Chadli has been absolutely superb, safety is nothing to be sniffed at and only four points off Man Utd (!).

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

11. Burnley (+2)

The Clarets look like they have a genuine chance of staying in the Premier League this season, and that would represent a magnificent achievement. Fourteenth in the league, a decent transfer window and looking very strong at home - there's plenty of reason to be cheery at Turf Moor.

Reasons for unhappiness: Got to play Man City twice in the space of six weeks soon.

Reasons for optimism: Not in the relegation zone, home form spiffing and Sean Dyche a superb boss.

If one fan tweet could sum up the current mood:

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