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No sentiment in next chapter of Roberto Di Matteo's Chelsea story
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    What's the prognosis for the clubs on football's sick list?
    Matt Slater- 20 March 2012/ BBC sports news reporter  There was a single day earlier this month when two Championship clubs were banned from signing players because of financial irregularities,
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    Kenny Dalglish: 'Kit deals and a happy club are as good as points'

    Kenny Dalglish has defended his record 

    Tim Rich- The Guardian 12 march 2012 With Liverpool languishing in seventh place in the Premier League, Kenny Dalglish has been forced to defend his record at Anfield. Photograph: Ed Sykes/Action Images

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    Roman Abramovich is backing my Chelsea project, says André Villas-Boas

    The Guardian- 21 February 2012 A defiant André Villas-Boas has dismissed suggestions his future as Chelsea manager will be defined by the Champions League tie against Napoli with the Portuguese already "excited" and "confident" about the team's prospects for next season.

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    Liverpool and Luis Suárez 'critically undermined' anti-racism efforts

    The Guardian 21 February 2012 Liverpool Black Leadership Forum writes to Kenny Dalglish.
    The club 'presided over worst racism incident in recent years'.

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    Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson to retire 'in two or three years'

    The Guardian - 21 February 2012 Ferguson to retire 'in two or three years'...

    Sir Alex Ferguson has lauded David Moyes's work at Everton and claimed Manchester United will need an experienced head to replace him as manager when retirement comes in "another two or three

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    Sepp Blatter: Michel Platini is ready to replace me as Fifa president

    The Guardian- 26 January 2012

    Sepp Blatter has claimed Michel Platini is "ready" to succeed him as the head of Fifa – and that the Frenchman will make a good president of the game's world governing body.

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    Credibility of Fifa's anti-corruption reforms has been left in pieces


    15 December 2011- David Conn

    The 'road map' of reform by the Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has been damaged by the withdrawal of the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International. Photograph: Christian Hartmann/Reuters


    Transparency International's refusal to ignore past corruption has torn up Sepp Blatter's 'road map'...

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    Barcelona will never be for sale, says club president Sandro Rosell
    Camp Nou
    Sandro Rosell, the Barcelona president, has criticised the corporate and foreign ownership of major Premier League clubs, saying that while he is in charge his club, which is owned by its 180,000 members, will "never, ever be for sale".

    Speaking at the International Football Arena conference in Zurich on football's financial pressures, Rosell said clubs should naturally be mutual "associations" owned by their members, rather than companies owned by a single business figure. He suggested the reason Barcelona sold their shirt sponsorship for the first time, controversially to Qatar, whose sports investment arm paid €166m (£140m) for five years' rights, was due to competition with owners putting excessive money into their clubs.


    "It is a pity," he said of overseas and corporate club ownership. "I don't like it but it's happening. It's the open market. In the Premier League there are no more clubs to be sold so now they [overseas investors] are coming to Spain. It has gone so far now, I do not think anything can be done about it.


    Barcelona is not a business, it is a feeling. We are not owned by anybody, says club president.


    "Barcelona is not a business, it is a feeling. We are not owned by anybody, we are an association; we do not have 'clients'. I will never put a game on at 12 noon for the Chinese audience. We do want to open up our market but not to forget our roots. While I am the president, Barcelona will never, ever be for sale."

    Nic Coward, the Premier League's general secretary, speaking on the same panel, defended the open approach which has led to England's biggest clubs being majority-owned by single individuals based abroad. "We operate an entirely neutral attitude to different models of ownership," he said.

    Asked about the varying impact of those models, one of which has seen £473m drained out of Manchester United in interest, bank fees and charges to pay for the 2005 takeover by the US-based Glazer family, Coward said: "Clearly the Glazers' model at Manchester United is legitimate, because they have not breached any rules."

    Coward argued that the TV income sharing arrangements put in place in 1992 when the then First Division clubs broke away from the Football League to form the Premier League, had laid the foundations for success and popularity. He said when Ian Ayre, Liverpool's managing director, said recently the big clubs should keep more of the overseas TV money, "Nineteen clubs to one were against it and it did not have to be put to the vote."

    Rosell defended the sponsorship of the Barcelona shirts by the Qatar Foundation after more than a century of remaining clear, followed by five years in which Barcelona wore the name of the charity Unicef. He said it had been done because of financial pressures. "It is entirely sponsorship," he said.

    "The fact that it comes from a country is no different to a commercial sponsorship. If we did not have to fight against competition which has capital, I would never sell anything on the shirt. It would be virgin."

    Rosell accepted, however, that smaller clubs in Spain have suffered severe financial difficulties partly due to their own impossible chase to compete with the giant finances of his own club and Real Madrid. He accepted that the two big clubs must move within the next few years to selling their television rights collectively with the other clubs.

    At present, Barcelona and Real Madrid keep 66% of La Liga's total television income, leaving just over one-third to be shared between the other 18 clubs. Several Spanish clubs, including Racing Santander and Real Zaragoza, have entered bankruptcy proceedings recently, and in a period when the national team are World Cup winners and Barcelona the European champions, La Liga opened to a threatened strike from players whose wages had not been paid.

    "The television rights are negotiated individually now, but in three, four, five years' time, we will have to put them all in one pot and make La Liga as it is in Italy and the Premier League," Rosell said. "We and Real Madrid are talking to the rest of the clubs. We understand this is the future and it has to happen. But I believe we must reduce the number of clubs in La Liga, from 20 clubs to 16."

    Umberto Gandini, the Milan director, said bluntly that in Italy, where Serie A was the foremost European competition 20 years ago, football is now "definitely in a state of crisis" largely because of outdated grounds and a paralysis of leadership. He said Milan's owner, Silvio Berlusconi, who became the country's prime minister after achieving success with the club, has put in around €600m (£514m) via his company, Fininvest, since taking a bankrupt club over in 1986.

    Gandini said Uefa's "financial fair play" rules, which require clubs in 2014 European competition to break even, embody laudable aims.

    However, he said it will be "very difficult" to apply the rules across a continent where so many clubs, 46% of those in the top divisions – including 16 out of the 20 Premier League clubs last year – currently make losses.{jcomments on}

    Save our starlets! Fans plan protest to stop top clubs signing young talent on the cheap

    Leeds received more than £600,000 from Everton for Luke Garbutt under tribunal system

    Rik Sharma- 31 October 2011

    Genç yıldız adaylarının üst düzey kulüpler tarafından çok ucuza sözleşme imzalatılmasına karşı İngiltere'de oluşturulan ortak girişim grubu,  yapacağı protestolarla bu gidişi sona erdirmek istiyor. Football League matches face kicking off in near-empty stadiums on Saturday as fans protest against a controversial new policy which threatens the future of youth academies.

    A group named The 72 Unite have urged supporters of all 72 Football League clubs to boycott the first five minutes of Saturday's matches in protest at the decision of Football League

    Football League matches face kicking off in near-empty stadiums on Saturday as fans protest against a controversial new policy which threatens the future of youth academies.



    Cost effective: Leeds received more than £600,000 from Everton for Luke Garbutt


    The group fear the new academy system could be 'the final nail in the coffin for the survival of professional football outside the Premier League'.

    The EPPP is a new four-tier academy system which the Premier League demanded replace the existing set-up, threatening to withhold youth development funding for Football League clubs if they did not accept it.  

    The plan, due to come into effect at the start of the 2012-13 season, means the top clubs will be exempt from the rules preventing them from signing under-16s who live more than 90 minutes' travelling distance away (or an hour for under-12s), allowing them to scout and sign players from anywhere in the country.

    Peterborough chairman Barry Fry

    Warning: Peterborough chairman Barry Fry fears for youth academies

    The plan also replaces the tribunal system, which asks each club to justify its valuation of the player involved before it decides on a fee considered fair. The new rules mean a selling club is paid £3,000 per year for every year of a player's development between the ages of nine and 11. The fee per year from 12 to 16 will range between £12,500 and £40,000.

    hands off our academies poster

    Peterborough Director of Football Barry Fry warned the move could have serious repercussions for smaller clubs.

    'What frightens me is that a lot of clubs will pull out of having a youth system altogether,' he said.

    Leeds chief executive Shaun Harvey said the plan marked 'a dark day for football'.

    'Take Luke Garbutt as an example who left here for Everton, despite offers from us to stay. A tribunal agreed a fee of £600,000 with a further £750,000 on appearances and a 20% sell-on. Under the new system we would have received £134,000 instead of £600,000 with further contingent payments based on appearances', he said.

    But a Premier League spokesman insisted that the system was a great example of English football working together to raise its standards.

    'There is widespread support for many of the ideas and aspirations contained within EPPP at Football League level', he said.{jcomments on}

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    Annual Review of Football Finance 2023

    Annual Review of Football Finance 2023

    Deloitte Sports Grup'un Avrupa Futbol Finansmanına ilişkin 32. kez düzenlediği yıllık futbol finans raporuna göre, Avrupa futbol pazarı 2021 - 22 sezonunda bir önceki yıla göre %7 büyüyerek 29.5 Milyar Euro büyüklüğüne ulaştı. Rapora ulaşmak için tıklayınız

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    UEFA Raporu-2023

    UEFA Kulüp futbolunun finansal durumları ve yatırımlarına ilişkin yıllık görünüm ve benchmark raporunu yayınladı. Okumak için tıklayınız





    Yirmidördüncü Deloitte Money League raporuna göre Barcelona'nın 715.1 Milyon Euro'luk geliriyle ilk sırada yer aldığı, tamamı merkez lig kulüplerinden oluşan ve bir önceki yıla göre gelirleri %12 azalan Para Ligi raporunu okumak için tıklayınız




    annual report 202021 photo


    Avrupa Futbolunun patronu UEFA’nın gelirleri 5.7 Milyar Euro’ya Ulaştı. Raporu okumak için tıklayınız.




    UEFA’nın 2023’te yayınladığı en son  Kulüp Lisanslamaya İlişkin Karşılaştırma raporuna göre kulüpler Pandemi döneminde 7.3 Milyar Euro zarar ettiler. UEFA raporu, Avrupa kulüp futbolunun endişe verici bir resmini çiziyor. Raporu okumak için tıklayınız.



    191112 Aktifbank Ekolig


    Türk futbolunun gelirlerinin ve ekonomik görünümünün mercek altına alındığı Futbol Ekonomi Raporu – EkoLig'in dördüncü sayısı yayınlandı. Süper Lig’in 2017-2018 sezonu sonunda 3,2 milyar TL olan geliri, 2018-19 sezonunda 4,2 milyar TL’na ulaştı. Bkz.



    master bm report lowres


    The European Club Footballing Landscape 2022

    UEFA'nın Avrupa Lulüp futboluna ilişkin 13, kez yayınladığı, Covid-19'un etkilerinin de analiz edildiği raporu okumak için Bkz.



    “Ekospor’un aylık bültenlerinden haberdar olmak için tıklayınız”


    Süper lig Marka değeri araştırma

    ''Taraftar Algısına Göre Türkiye Süper Ligi Marka Değerini Etkileyen Faktörlerin ve Marka Değeri Boyutlarının Değerlendirilmesi'' Prof. Dr. Musa PINAR öncülüğünde yapılan bu araştırmayı okumak için tıklayınız.




    KPMG Avrupa’nın 32 Elit Kulübünün değerlemesini yaptı. Süper Lig’den Galatasaray ve Beşiktaş’ın da bulunduğu bu raporda en değerli kulüp 3.2 Milyar Euroluk değeriyle Real Madrid oldu. Raporu okumak için tıklayınız.



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    Türkiye'de Kadın Futbolunun Gelişimi ve Günümüzdeki Durumu




    Dr. Lale ORTA’nın Kadın Futboluna Entelektüel Bir Yaklaşım Sergilediği makalesi için tıklayınız.” 



    İngiliz Futbolunda Kurumsal Yönetişim Üzerine




    Tüm kulüplerimize ve Türk Futbol yapılanmasına farklı bir bakış açısı kazandırabileceğini düşündüğümüz, İngiliz Parlementosu’nun Kültür, medya ve spor Komitesi’nin hazırladığı raporu okumak için tıklayınız. 



    “Money scorring goals”, Gerçekten de “Para Gol Kaydedebiliyor mu? “

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    Futbolda Finansal Sürdürülebilirlik Kapsamında ''Finansal Fair Play Başa Baş Kuralı ve Beşiktaş Futbol Kulübü Üzerinde Bir Uygulama 
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